Prof. Daria Karasalihović Sedlar

Director of INTERENEF

Prof. Davor Škrlec

EU energy policy/renewable energy/democracy of energy, FER, the University of Zagreb

Nadežda Kokotović

Forum's program director and moderator, director of Brussels Energy Club

Ana Stanič

Legar aspects of energy/energy international law, E&A Law Limited

Mlađan Kordun

Coordination with the corporate sector in energy, ParLux,Zagreb

Prof. Anđelko Milardović

Founder of IEGS and INTERENEF, The institute for migrations and ethnic studies

Marija Šutina

Communication with the real sector in the field of energy, director of HUP-Association of Energy, HUP - Association of Metal Industry and HUP - Association of Electrical Industry

Josip Mrcela

Energy policy of EU, power system engineer